The verb repudiate means to strongly contradict someone and you don’t want to be associated with them in any means.

Synonyms are forsake, reject, abandon, or dismiss.

The word origins from Latin (1540s) repudiatus, past participle of repudiare meaning “to cast off, put away, divorce, reject, scorn, disdain”, from repudium meaning “divorce, rejection, a putting away, dissolution of marriage”. It comes from re– meaning “back, away” plus pudium, which is probably related to pes/ped– meaning “foot”. The original notion may be of kicking something away, but folk etymology commonly connects it with pudere meaning “cause shame to.” Relating to opinions, conduct, etc., the meaning “to refuse to acknowledge” was recorded in 1824.

He repudiates the company and rejected all offers from them.

You can’t repudiate the contract.

She was provided with all the luxury her parents can give. Even so, she repudiates them for shunning at her own dreams.