The noun oblivion is the state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening around an individual. It also refers to the state of being completely forgotten or destroyed.

Synonyms are nirvana, insignificance, non-recognition, or absent-minded.

The word origins from the Old French (13th century) oblivion and directly from Latin oblivionem (nominative oblivio) meaning “forgetfulness; a being forgotten”. It is also borrowed from Anglo-French oblivion, obliviun and oblivisci (past participle oblitus) meaning “forget”, perhaps originally “even out, smooth over, efface”.

Waking up after sleeping in oblivion is very satisfying.

He looked at us in oblivion and asked, “why are you all here?”

You know, he was very popular back then. He created this amazing mobile app that the world loved but after a year, it just faded in oblivion.