The adjective ingenious means something or someone who is very clever and involves new ideas, methods, or equipment.

Synonyms are creative, imaginative, innovative, or intelligent.

The word origins from Middle French (early 15th century) ingénieux meaning “clever, ingenious”, from Old French engeignos. It also comes from Latin ingeniosus meaning “of good natural capacity, full of intellect, clever, gifted with genius”, from ingenium meaning “innate qualities, ability, inborn character”, literally “that which is inborn”. It comes from in- meaning “in” plus gignere, suffixed form of root *gene– meaning “give birth, beget.”

Jacky has an ingenious solution to the puzzle.

Hero of Alexandria is an ingenious inventor of “Hero’s Fountain”, which is believed to have possessed a similar apparatus.

The book was so full of ingenious ideas and written in such a striking style.