The noun idiosyncrasy means a peculiar or strange behaviour, habit, mannerism and the like of an individual. The word also refers to an unusual feature or characteristic of a place or thing.

Synonyms are peculiarity, eccentricity, oddity, or habit.

The word origins from French (1600) idiosyncrasie, from Latinized form of Greek idiosynkrasia meaning “a peculiar temperament”, from idios meaning “one’s own” plus synkrasis meaning “temperament, mixture of personal characteristics”. The part syn means “together” plus krasis meaning “mixture”. The first known use of idiocracy was in 1604.

She has so many idiosyncrasies and using “actually” in almost every sentence is one of them.

I believe all of us have a few little idiosyncrasies.

Couples who accept each other’s idiosyncrasies and imperfectness are the best fit.