The noun glutton means someone who habitually eats greedily or consumes food or drink immoderately. This also refers to someone who can withstand or accept something remarkably.

Synonyms are over-eater, gourmand, hog, or cormorant.

The word origins from the Middle English glotoun and Old French (13th century) gloton (Modern French glouton) meaning “glutton” and “scoundrel” which is a general term of abuse. It also comes from the Latin glutton-, glutto, akin to Latin gluttire meaning “to swallow”, and gula meaning “throat”. Its first known use was during the 13th century.

I only have one word to describe him – glutton. He even eats my sandwiches without asking for my permission.

Their blind date didn’t go well, the woman was a total glutton.

I will never understand people who are glutton for punishments.