The noun degradation is the process of degrading and means to lower someone’s grade, rank or status (in the society). It also refers to the declining quality or value of something.

Synonyms are decadence, degeneracy, downgrade, or devolution.

The word origins from French (14th century) dégradation (Old French degradacion), noun of action from past-participle stem of degrader. In 1752 it was used as “state of being reduced from a higher to a lower grade or power” and by 1769 as “reduction of strength, value, magnitude, etc.”.

I couldn’t stand to see the degradation of the woman to the child, so I butt in.

All he does is degradation and he even degraded that stranger because of his poor grammar. What a terrible human being.

I think it will really help you if you go to church and do a degradation of your sins.