The noun concordance between two things means they are similar or consistent with each other. It can also be in the context of publishing, where an alphabetic list of words (usually from books of special importance such as the Bible or Shakespeare) describing where it occurs in the book (usually a reference), how often it is used and their immediate context (giving the sentence).

Synonyms are accordance, similarity, agreement or harmony.

The word origins from the Old French concordance (12c.) meaning “agreement, harmony”. A verbal concordance (alphabetical list of the principal words used in the work) was very time intense before the age of computers. The first Bible concordance (1262) was produced with the help of 500 monks. Today the word is more often used to describe a condition of agreement or concord.

We recognised a clear concordance between the theoretical calculations and the empirical evidence.

Even if the government and the activists find a concordance, it will still be a lot of work ahead.

Looking up the word “Rejoice” in the English Bible concordance shows that the word appears 192 times.