The noun arrogance means the quality of being awfully proud and act as if you are greater than, or know more than, other people.

Synonyms are aloofness, disdain, smugness, or vanity.

The word origins from Old French (13th century) arrogance meaning “a manifest feeling of superiority of one’s worth or importance, combined with contempt of others”. It also comes from Latin arrogantia meaning “presumption, pride, haughtiness”, abstract noun from arrogantem meaning “assuming, overbearing, insolent”, present participle of arrogare meaning “to claim for oneself, assume”. It is from ad meaning “to” (see ad-) plus rogare meaning “to ask, to propose (a law, a candidate); to ask a favor, entreat, request”.

The end of his arrogance surprised her.

Richard’s arrogance made him enter the plain without his men.

You haven’t let go of that arrogance.