The noun accolade means a praise and an approval, usually given as a result of people’s admiration.

Synonyms are distinction, kudos, award, or honor.

The word origins from French (16th century) accolade meaning “an embrace, a kiss”, from Provençal acolada or Italian accollata, ultimately from noun use of a fem. past participle of Vulgar Latin accollare meaning “to embrace around the neck”. It comes from Latin ad meaning “to” plus collum meaning “neck”. The original sense is of an embrace about the neck then the tapping of a sword on the shoulders to confer knighthood. The extended meaning “praise, award” is from 1852.

She aims to graduate with great grades and accolades.

Jin received many accolades for his significant contribution in the field of applied sciences.

The approval of the president was the highest accolade he could receive.